comprehensive project, best solution.° specializes in projects of commercial and residential spaces - houses, apartments and flats. Our main goal is implementation fully in line with the client's expectations. Each cooperation begins with a detailed consultation. We try to find out about your preferences, favorite materials and colors. Full understanding of the client's concept will allow us to propose the best solutions.
How is the project created?
The project is carried out in 9 clear and transparent stages. The final presentation shows the entire designed space, contains the necessary drawings with a list of all finishing elements and furniture used in the project, optionally with their valuation. Thanks to our cooperation, you have a guarantee of reliable and professional implementation of the idea. You will receive the entire project in paper form as well as in electronic form.
If you would like to start cooperation with our studio, just submit an offer inquiry. Please send an inquiry via e-mail to, with a brief description of the planned investment, its location and its size (the number of square meters of usable area that we design for you). The best option is to use the form at the end of the page, which contains a list of all necessary information that is required so that we can prepare an offer for you. Please also sign up so that we can address your offer. We will try to send the offer as soon as possible. Usually, a prepared offer will be sent within 1-2 business days. Sometimes due to the large amount of duties and frequent out of office work, it can take several days more.
We will prepare each offer individually, taking into account all the details and requirements presented by customers. At this stage you receive all the most important information about future cooperation. Before starting the implementation of the project by our studio, a detailed offer prepared by us includes the scope, schedule, duration and total cost of the project. Thanks to many years of experience and an innovative design process, we guarantee the highest standard of cooperation, implementing projects throughout the country as well as abroad.
To implement the concept in line with the client's expectations, we start each cooperation with detailed consultations. Thanks to the needs analysis, we can find out all the details about the individual preferences of the future Investor, which is very important at the next stages of creating the final project. Each consultation concerns not only aesthetic and finishing issues - such as preferred materials, colors or style. We also try to analyze the functional aspect of the designed interior. By presenting sample implementations, we try to choose the right design direction for each individual idea.
After initial consultations, we try to document the existing condition in the form of a full inventory of the object with photos and detailed descriptions. In addition, we strive to obtain from you all materials regarding the designed space. This is a very important stage in the entire design process, enabling the creation of a reliable, technical project that will allow for trouble-free and professional implementation of the concept.
At this stage, we present our clients with a preliminary, functional proposal and finishing materials used by us. This is the first look at the new interior, where we can learn about the proposed solutions and the general nature of the interior. It is also the time for further consultations and possible changes to the concept.
This is the moment when the Investor can see how our new dream interior looks! At this stage, the Investor can see the final project in the form of photorealistic visualizations with the presentation of specific material and technological solutions.
The next stage after accepting the design concept in the form of visualization is the preparation of the technical design. It consists of all required drawings, including the projection of the entire designed interior, facade, cross-sections together with drawings of architectural details. The technical design contains all the information that is necessary to carry out the design presented in the visualizations. Thanks to our experience, we guarantee that the drawings prepared by us provide a reliable basis for fruitful cooperation with future contractors.
The penultimate stage is the transfer of the entire project, consisting of a printed album containing photorealistic visualizations of the designed interior and technical part - executive drawings and lists of all finishing materials and furniture used. This is not the end of our cooperation! After completing the project and starting the implementation of the project, we are still at your disposal. We try to help our clients feel comfortable throughout the entire implementation process.
The design service offered by our studio professionally and without any problems ensures full satisfaction in the future use of the newly designed space. Each time we try to document photographically the implementation of the prepared project, guaranteeing its completeness. Thanks to the reliable and professional work of our team, we build long-term cooperation with you, meeting the expectations with each exciting project.
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